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As your Life Coach, I will deal with motivation in three different ways:

  1. By motivating you
  2. By teaching you ways to motivate yourself (using self-motivation techniques)
  3. By coaching you to motivate others

This will help you :

  • Excel at and enjoy work
  • Build happy and fulfilling relationships
  • Get through stress and sadness
  • Get fit and stay healthy
  • Become more organised
  • Become more confident

Achieve goals

As your Life Coach, I will be introducing structure and purpose into your life to maximise your strengths and build on any weaknesses.  By developing your motivation skills, you could learn to lead a happier, more enriched life - as well as achieving your goals.

A typical programme of sessions would look like :

Session 1 – we would explore the issues and devise a strategy to overcome these and put in place positive techniques for you to learn

Session 2 – practise and embed the techniques

Session 3 – Review and test techniques ensuring fully integrated into you.


Coaching Can Help Confidence

Our confidence and the belief we have in ourselves (or lack of it) shows in many ways.  It can show in our behaviour, our mood, how we walk and talk.  If we lack confidence and self-belief we may find areas of our lives begin to feel the effects.  This could be at work, in relationships, lifestyle and even our state of mind all begin to suffer unless positive action is taken to build upon and improve these important qualities.  We need to get great confidence and to feel empowered.

If you are feeling a lack of confidence or you don’t have much self-belief, you may feel :

  • Shy and uneasy
  • Uncertain of who you are or what you want
  • A sense of worthlessness
  • Negative thoughts about yourself or your abilities
  • Unable to relax and enjoy certain situations you would like to
  • Little sense of direction in your life

Confidence and self-worth can be developed through confidence coaching with Empowering You.  It may take time but the benefits will be enormously rewarding and include some of the following when you are full of confidence and self-worth:

  • Comfortable when facing new challenges
  • At ease in social situations and able to be yourself
  • Excited about new opportunities
  • Have a great sense of achievement
  • Have a greater enjoyment of life in general
  • Be respected by other people
  • Be sure of yourself and what you want.
  • A typical programme of sessions would look like :

Session 1 – we would explore the issues and devise a strategy to overcome these and put in place positive techniques for you to learn

Session 2 – practise and embed the techniques

Session 3 – more techniques

Session 4 – Review and test techniques ensuring fully integrated into you.

Coaching can help fears and phobias

Phobias are an extreme emotional and sometimes physical response to something or event which may be having a debilitating effect on you or stopping you from doing something you really want to do.  For example, fear of flying may be stopping you from taking that long haul flight to the sun.  Or a phobia about snakes may be preventing you from a holiday in an exotic part of the world you’ve always wanted to see.  The good thing, probably the only good thing about phobias is that

They have been learned

They can be quickly unlearned

And replaced with a more appropriate response.  For example, you wouldn’t want to get rid of your snake phobia and then start cuddling them, would you? So you will need to learn a more appropriate response so you can enjoy your holiday.

A fear or phobia may be causing issues in your career, for example if you’re job requires you to make presentations or address meetings, the you need to learn a technique to overcome this quickly and effectively.

A phobia session is normally one session following the free consultation session. 

During the free consultation session, I will ask lots of questions and then prepare for your Phobia Cure Session to follow in a couple of days.

Do you smoke cigarettes and you are determined to stop once and for all.  Contact me to discuss my smoking cessation therapy.  The first consultation is free when we will discuss your options and then you will usually need one session.  Or have you started smoking E-cigarettes in an effort to stop smoking? Well done for the first step in becoming a non-smoker, however, are you finding that you are vaping more than you originally smoked.  Studies have shown that one inhalation of an E-cigarette has the same nicotine as one cigarette, so if you are inhaling 40 times a day, this is the equivalent to 40 cigarettes!  Time to stop? Again, a similar situation to smoking cessation therapy, one free first consultation followed by one session.  This therapy works!  I have 100% success rate to-date.  The cost is £35 and if you aren't satisfied, then you get a follow up session free of charge or your money back.  What have you to lose? Nothing and everything to gain, becoming healthier, fitter, more energetic and richer!

Coaching can help Health

As a Personal Trainer, as well as a Life Coach, I can offer advice on exercise and nutrition so you can achieve a healthy and fit body as well as a healthy mind! Age shouldn't be a barrier to fitness and you can exercise safely whatever your age with my one to one personal training sessions.  I specialise in exercise for seniors and beginners who want to get more confident with exercising.  With a steady commitment to exercise, you will see the results in a few weeks!

Healthy living, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is something we all want to achieve.  When you are feeling fit and healthy, you’re likely to feel more energised and upbeat but if you’re not taking care of your health (e.g. eating a poor variety of foods and not exercising) then you’ve feel lethargic and more prone to stress.  If a person has a healthy lifestyle, then they have more chance of having spiritual, physical and mental strength to enable them to make healthy choices.

Healthy living is about making choices in your daily life.  A number of healthy lifestyle choices would include:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Nurturing positive relationships
  • Keeping fit
  • Having an encouraging work/life balance
  • Not smoking
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Maintaining good mental health
  • Protecting your skin

So how can I, as your life coach, help you.  Whilst I’m not a doctor, I can supply you with motivation and support that is required for a healthy lifestyle.  We will discuss ways to transform your life in a positive manner which will uplift you and you may feel your goals are more achievable with my support.

As your life coach, I will be able to assist you with your diet (i.e. the foods you eat, not necessarily discussing individual diet plans) and motivation to exercise.  This would include other issues associated with healthy living such as weight management over the long term, developing your career, maintaining relationships and regulating stress levels.

Together we would form a collaborative partnership to:

  • Encourage you to take responsibility for your health
  • Explore your lifestyle habits that work negatively against your immune system, which then leads to poor health.
  • Enable you to realise how healthy you are, and how healthy you could be.
  • Promote positive well-being and a good quality of life
  • Reach your goal through small steps of success and bring about confidence and self-assured patterns.

A typical programme of sessions would look like this:

Session 1 – I would listen and ask questions to establish where you are, and where you want to be in the future.  Once this has been established, an individual programme of sessions and the timescale involved would be agreed with feedback and reviews. 

It may be that an initial programme of four sessions is planned and then weekly contact by telephone, email or meeting to review progress and establish positive results and successes are being achieved to keep you on the journey to your goal.

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Free No Obligation Consultation

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You’ll notice a big difference just talking things through.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can help you be the person you want to be, create postive goals or overcome phobias.


One of my clients told me "It's magic!!" I am now a positive and powerful person rather than the negative shell I have been for years and years. I never would have believed it but Sue you said at my first consultation it would happen and it has!


It's Magic!!

Having booked my dream holiday to Borneo to see the wonderful Orang-utans, although I was so excited, I also had worrying doubts because as well as Orang-utans in Borneo, there are also snakes and I’ve had a phobia about snakes for as long as I can remember.

I then heard that this phobia could probably be cured and I enlisted the help of Sue from Empowering You.  Sue explained that as phobias are a learned fear, that is one which I have learned from somewhere or some event, then the phobia could be “unlearned” using an NLP technique.  She explained the phobia cure session would take around an hour and we arranged to meet.

At the meeting, Sue asked me some questions and explained the process in a relaxing atmosphere. One of the questions Sue asked was “what do you want to feel instead of the fear of snakes I.e. when you see a snake, what reaction do you want instead of fear?”  I said I just wanted “not to be fussed”.  At the end of the session, I was amazed to find my phobia had completely disappeared and I was “totally not fussed” about snakes at all.

I went on to Borneo and had a great time without worrying about the snakes.  Thanks Sue.


One of my lovely clients texted me this message on the completion of her programme of sessions "I feel I have changed for the positive and so has my life.   Thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I am very grateful".  

Thank You!

I have been biting and picking my nails for years and years.  This had become an unconscious habit and one I wanted to be rid of.  I tried to stop before but always returned to the nail biting and picking.  So I thought it was time to get some help.  Sue has an excellent record of success helping others overcome such addictions as smoking so I asked for her help.  After an initial free consultation, I returned to have one session of hypnosis and it was a success!  I am so pleased that I have stopped this embarrassing habit.  Thank you Sue.

Goodbye to a Bad Habit!


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