• Confidence


    Wish you had great Confidence? Empowering you life coaching will teach you great techniques to build your confidence and self-belief giving you the opportunity to create the life you want.

  • Phobias

    Do you have a phobia which is preventing you from living the life you want, stopping you from that long haul flight to a holiday of a lifetime? One coaching session and you’ll be flying.

  • Stress

    We can get stressed about the smallest things and anxiety is just our way of protecting ourselves from what we think may be serious threats to our personal or emotional safety. But it’s probably never going to happen and even if it does it probably won’t be as bad as you thought. Here’s where you can learn techniques to overcome anxiety and stress.

  • Health

    We all want to be happy and healthy and these are not just great goals but a way of life for everyone but where to start? A free first consultation to map out where you want to change and/or improve and then a structured, individual plan for you. I will support you all the way.

  • Motivation

    You know there’s something you have to do, or need to do but knowing isn’t always enough to get you going. Our minds have a way of sabotaging our best intentions, such as putting off a task or starting that healthy lifestyle. In our coaching sessions, you will learn your own motivational strategies and behaviours to give you the tools and techniques to get motivated.

face to face

In a safe space to talk and think. Talking things through always helps and it will give you the opportunity to find out what you want and what’s right for you, not what other people think.

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It’s holding you back. It’s stopping you do want you want. But it’s a learned reaction to something in your past which can be quickly unlearned. Get rid of that phobia, once and for all!

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Healthy mind and body starts with being confident, feeling motivated, having a great self-image and belief, believing great things about yourself – see how life coaching sessions can teach you great techniques to get the life you want.

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Online Courses

Training and coaching on-line gives everyone the opportunity to grow at their own pace and whenever they want in their own home. You will learn techniques and exercises, supported on-line by your life coach every step of the way.

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Empowering You Life Coaching



You have everything you need inside you to create the life you want.  My job is to get you this as a priority.  You deserve it! You will develop clear goals and overcome any issues or barriers which may have stopped you achieving your goals in the past.  I will show you techniques to empower yourself, to feel confident, motivated, positive and help enable you make the changes you want in order for this to happen.  If you want to change, then you have to make changes.  Changes in your thinking, behaviour, attitude, previously held beliefs which may not be appropriate for you right now and feelings.
There are a number of options available to you to start you on your new journey.

 This is where I will listen to you as you explain either your issues and/or where you want to change.  We will formulate a strategy to overcome the issue and also a strategy for you to start making those changes. We will agree a timescale and the number of sessions for you to complete your goal.  Everything will be at your own pace to ensure that the new techniques you learn are fully embedded and entrenched.

Also see under Phobia section, smoking cessation therapy for cigarette smokers and E-cigarette smokers.  Usually only one session (£35) is required following the initial first free consultation.

Free No Obligation Consultation

Start the journey with your free no obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to work for. Call or email me and we can talk

You’ll notice a big difference just talking things through.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can help you be the person you want to be, create postive goals or overcome phobias.


I have been biting and picking my nails for years and years.  This had become an unconscious habit and one I wanted to be rid of.  I tried to stop before but always returned to the nail biting and picking.  So I thought it was time to get some help.  Sue has an excellent record of success helping others overcome such addictions as smoking so I asked for her help.  After an initial free consultation, I returned to have one session of hypnosis and it was a success!  I am so pleased that I have stopped this embarrassing habit.  Thank you Sue.

Goodbye to a Bad Habit!

One of my lovely clients texted me this message on the completion of her programme of sessions "I feel I have changed for the positive and so has my life.   Thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I am very grateful".  

Thank You!

One of my clients told me "It's magic!!" I am now a positive and powerful person rather than the negative shell I have been for years and years. I never would have believed it but Sue you said at my first consultation it would happen and it has!


It's Magic!!

Having booked my dream holiday to Borneo to see the wonderful Orang-utans, although I was so excited, I also had worrying doubts because as well as Orang-utans in Borneo, there are also snakes and I’ve had a phobia about snakes for as long as I can remember.

I then heard that this phobia could probably be cured and I enlisted the help of Sue from Empowering You.  Sue explained that as phobias are a learned fear, that is one which I have learned from somewhere or some event, then the phobia could be “unlearned” using an NLP technique.  She explained the phobia cure session would take around an hour and we arranged to meet.

At the meeting, Sue asked me some questions and explained the process in a relaxing atmosphere. One of the questions Sue asked was “what do you want to feel instead of the fear of snakes I.e. when you see a snake, what reaction do you want instead of fear?”  I said I just wanted “not to be fussed”.  At the end of the session, I was amazed to find my phobia had completely disappeared and I was “totally not fussed” about snakes at all.

I went on to Borneo and had a great time without worrying about the snakes.  Thanks Sue.



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